Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ten things that drive me crazy!

  1. When I call a company and hear a voice mail greeting that says: We’re currently experiencing a higher than normal call volume. Please try your call again later and the call disconnects with no option to hit zero.  My response: Are you kidding me??? I have to try again later????  
  2. The sound of a clock ticking. This especially makes me crazy when I’m trying to sleep. I always remove the battery. Yes, it makes me that crazy.
  3. When I over hear young adults make statements followed by the words: “Just Kidding.” Makes me wonder why they say "just kidding" all the time. Hmmm ....
  4. Towels that are not hung properly in the bathroom. Yes, I’m a little OCD.
  5. Toilet paper rolls that are placed under instead of over. Why people? Why???
  6. When people litter. Oh my gosh, WHY people??? WHY???
  7. Greeting cards that have glitter on it. (One word: MESSY! I don’t buy them and I don’t give them out.)
  8. Noisy eaters. This drives me bananas!
  9. When people dominate a conversation. A monologue is not a conversation people! (to be recited in song)
  10. When people talk over me. It's rude, it frustrates me and it makes me want to pinch them every time they do it. Ha! Can you imagine??? What a funny thought!