Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If we had coffee today I’d tell you: Nothing is wasted.

Loss, difficulty and pain do not have the last word.

The Lord, His intention, His purpose, and His love have the last word.

Nothing is wasted. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Love is a decision

There are a thousand different ways to show love to someone you care about. Whatever you choose and however you choose, be genuine and be sincere. As I get older, I find that I become more and more reflective. I reflect and ponder so many things about life and people and what I'm learning and I realize with each passing day that today is all we've got. No matter what is happening around me, I want to make today count and if I want it to count, it starts with me. I want to embrace what I have today and make the most of what I have, right here, right now because tomorrow is never promised.

Love is an action word. It's a verb meant to be demonstrative. So be demonstrative with your love because anybody can say I love you but real love, authentic love and a genuine concern for a person is about showing up and loving people the way God calls us to love. Love is about being others-oriented and self-less. 

It's easy to love someone whose company is easy, but to love someone at their worst, well that's love. You love that person because it's a decision you've made. Love I've learned really is a decision. You can decide today to love the way God calls you to love. And for many, loving people isn't easy but what I've learned is that it's easier to love others when you realize how much God loves you. When you're full of God's love, love comes pouring out of you. 

During my spiritual journey I've learned that God calls us to do two things in life: to love Him and to love people. Being a doer is what makes the difference so lets really show up and love people. Let's be a difference maker and show up and show those we love and care about with our affection today.

May the light of life shine on you always.

xx, Ruthie

Above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins, it forgives and disregards the offenses of others. ~ 1 Peter 4:8

Friday, February 15, 2013

My thoughts on love

Did you know that we’re all natural born lovers? Yes, we are. 

We were born to love with all our hearts.

Some of you have a special gift to love but sometimes you become so afraid to love it paralyzes you. 

You've become afraid because you’ve been hurt in your past. I know. I’ve been hurt too.

But please don’t let your past hurts stop you from loving because only you have that special, warm blend of goodness that only YOU can provide. 

This is what I'm learning and I want you to learn this too. 

So why keep it to yourself? Why hoard it? Love loses power unless you give it away.

The world needs your love but only you can choose to love.

And you know who else needs your love? You. Yes, you.

Today I want to remind you that you are most alive when you are open to giving and receiving love.

And it starts with loving yourself first.

So love yourself and love others and let others love you right back.

Fight against that little voice inside of you that tells you that you are too afraid. 

Yes, we all become a little afraid but you also have the power to say no to fear. 

You can choose to be fearless. You can say no to fear and yes to love.

If you live your life feeling afraid all the time, well that’s really not living and if you’re really not living, then you’re really not loving.

So today say no to fear and yes to love.

Love with reckless abandon.

Love radically and beautifully and with the special, warm blend of goodness that only YOU can provide.

Until next time, 

xx, Ruthie

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. ~2 Timothy 1:7

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I believe

No matter how difficult life gets, I still believe the best about life and people and God and how things will end. There is so much I believe and this little short list does not cover it all. 

This list represents just some of the things that came to mind as I sat to think about what I believe. Some are serious, some are fun and I hope this list get's you thinking about what you believe in too and I hope the funny ones make you smile. 

Enjoy the short read and if you have some time today or this week, consider creating your own list and have fun with it. Throw in some funny stuff too. 

  1. I believe that God loves us for who we are and where we are in life. Nothing we do or didn't do or say or didn't say will ever change that. 
  2. I believe in forgiveness and the power it has to set us free. 
  3. I believe that there is nothing you could ever do that God can't redeemed.
  4. I believe that every broken person can be healed. 
  5. I believe that every person in life has something to offer to make a difference.
  6. I believe that one day I will buy skinny jeans that will come close to the size I wore in high school and even if it never happens, I will enjoy every single second I spend dreaming about that. ; )
  7. I believe that God will show up and tell you things at the right time, when you are ready and when you ask. 
  8. I believe that God is for me and that He is for you too.
  9. I believe that I will never be able to love God the way He loves me but I'm pretty sure I will die trying anyway.  
  10. I believe God made me with purpose and when I write, I feel His pleasure. 
  11. I believe that God in me is ALWAYS greater than any challenge that comes into my life. 
  12. I believe that no weapon formed against me will ever prosper. (Isaiah 54:17) 
  13. I believe that God does His best work in me when I invite Him into the healing process. 
  14. I believe that God is working even if I can't see it or sense it. 
  15. I believe we are here for each other and not to be against each other.
  16. I believe that there is good in people even if they say mean things or do things that hurt you.
  17. I believe that hurt, unhealed people hurt others and because of this knowledge and the through the power of the Holy Spirit, I am able to forgive them.
  18. I believe that you will never be successful in pleasing everyone all the time and that's okay. 
  19. I believe that sometimes you have to set healthy boundaries with people in your life if you're going to become everything God calls you to be.
  20. I believe that the greatest gift you can give people is a healthy "you."
  21. I believe that quitting is the easiest thing to do in the world and that it takes real courage and real confidence to keep on keeping on.
  22. I believe that courage is doing the right thing even if you feel a little afraid.  
  23. I believe that everything God does or permits is allowed to teach us something in life.
  24. I believe that every painful trial has a pearl in it. I'm learning to look for my pearls during the trials in my life.
  25. I believe that my best days are still ahead of me. 
  26. I believe in love and respect, honor and loyalty and doing the right things in life even if they're hard.
  27. I believe that if you need help, you should ask and if it's offered, you should accept it.
  28. I believe that motherhood is the hardest job I have ever loved. 
  29. I believe that pride keeps people from living their best life. 
  30. I believe that sometimes we just have to give God time. Waiting is hard but it's worth it.  
  31. I believe that one day I will marry the man of my dreams and when it happens, I'm sure I will complain about how much he snores but I will love him anyway. ; )
  32. I believe that a feel better kiss and a little chocolate always makes me feel better. 
  33. I believe that God places the right desires in my heart so I can do His will to live my best life and to bless others. 
  34. I believe that God calls us to be healers of wounds through words and deeds and to love people regardless and to do the right thing in the face of difficulty. 
  35. I believe that a sincere apology deserves forgiveness and even if the apology never comes, forgive them anyway. 
  36. I believe it is far more joyful to give than it is to receive. 
  37. I believe we have a responsibility to do all the good we can with what we have.
  38. I believe that there will be chocolate and cupcakes in heaven. I'm pretty sure of that. ; )
  39. I believe that God is way more patient with me than I am with Him. (So thankful for that!)
  40. I believe that God always gives us the strength and the courage we need to do the things we think we can not do.
  41. I believe the winners in life are the one's who are brave enough to listen to the truth in their hearts.
  42. I believe that nothing catches God by surprise. He see's all things and knows all things and He still loves us anyway. I love that about Him.
  43. I believe that God allows the right people to stay in your life to help you move forward and He removes the ones that will impede your ability to grow and live your best life. 
  44. I believe that all things work for good to those who love God, who have been called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)
  45. I believe that God always shows up right on time, every time. 
  46. I believe that God will NEVER give up on us, ever. 
  47. I believe that God is full of grace and mercy.
  48. I believe that God is faithful and that He is our only Promise Keeper.
  49. I believe that God is simply crazy mad about us and that nobody will ever love us like He does. 
  50. I believe that if all of humanity came to really and I mean really understand and know how much God loves them, it would cause every single person to fall on their knees and weep in deep gratitude. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A different view

You want to know what I love about this picture? It reminds me that sometimes we have to change our view and our perspective about God to see the beauty that God offers us in life.  

This photo was taken by my sister-in-law Evelyn this morning. She posted it on Facebook and commented how she was enjoying her view while drinking a cup of coffee and pondering a new season in her life. 

I shared with her this morning that if she was facing the windows in her kitchen directly head on, she might not see as much beauty because she would have a clear view of her neighbor’s home but when she changed her position, to look out of that bay window, her view and her thoughts changed because now she had a clear and expansive view of the nature before her, God's beauty. 

Sometimes in life, we need to change our position and sometimes we need to change our thoughts to really see the beauty around us.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I think I have a problem

So I went to the grocery store during the noon hour today to buy ingredients to make chili this weekend because who doesn't eat chili on Super Bowl Sunday when it's freezing out and once again, yes you read that correctly, once again, I ran off with someone else's cart. 

Oh my gosh ... I couldn't believe I did this yet AGAIN! This is quickly becoming embarrassing and it almost always happens to me when I’m rushing which is not the speed I vowed to live in 2013. I’m quickly learning that I am a serious but oblivious repeat offender when it comes to walking away with other people's carts. 

For the love of gravy, what is happening to me??? Who am I? 

When this happens, I'm noticing that I'm hardly walking but actually sprinting from one aisle to the next. Okay, maybe it looks more like a power walk but whatever it is, it's certainly not walking. I race around the store completely focused on my list and getting to the next aisle and I just might have a crazed look on my face. I'm not kidding. I'm pretty sure it's not my most friendliest look.  

I eventually found my cart but I never found the frantic owner whose cart went MIA. Clearly the owner of that cart had to be frantic because there were A-LOT of provisions in that cart. 

How I made the discovery ....

I was in the dairy aisle looking for shredded cheese and when I went to put the cheese in what I thought was my shopping cart, I had this confused, and kind of upset look on my face and asked aloud: "Who put ground beef in my cart???" Mind you, I was alone. I’m not exactly sure who I expected to answer that question. [insert smile here] 

(As a side note, I don't make my chili with ground beef, I make it with ground turkey.) 

And that was the moment, the moment I realized it wasn't even my cart! So I screamed, yes I screamed: OH MY GOD! I DID IT AGAIN!!!

Three people quickly turned to look at me because hello??? who yells like that? This is when I confessed aloud in my most apologetic voice looking a bit embarrassed, and kinda shrugging my shoulders: "Whoopsie, I kinda stole somebody's shopping cart ... on accident.  … again."

The Lesson: ... because everything in life has something to teach us, right? The lesson is ... Ruthie needs to slow down and I need to pay attention when I'm handling shopping carts. ; )

Happy weekend everyone!

xx, Ruthie

P.S. If you're reading this from anywhere BUT Chicago, please pray for us. We are absolutely freezing here!