Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Heart Song

This is the song [Search my Heart by Hillsong United] that my lips began to sing this morning shortly after waking up. I began to sing this song before my feet even touched the ground this morning with eyes still closed (barely open). It was a song I heard on the radio at noon yesterday and it's a song I'm calling "my heart song" because it came flowing from my heart this morning. It doesn't happen often when I wake up with a song on and in my heart but when it does, it makes me real glad. 

Beloved reader: Without God I am nothing, absolutely nothing. Everything good that comes from me, everything good that I produce is all because of Him. With all my heart and with all my soul, and with all I that I am, I want to spend the rest of my life following Him and praising Him and thanking Him for His goodness. I haven't always gotten it right in life and I haven't always done a good job really seeking His face and His will for my life but I'm so very grateful for His patience. And I'm grateful for His gentle Spirit because He never shames or makes you feel condemned. And I'm so grateful for this season in my life because He is taking me into a deeper relationship with Him and opening up my eyes and revealing so many things to me. 

I'm so grateful for His grace and for His mercy. I've had my share of seasons when I've drifted. The drifting was never intentional and it always began with a slow fade. In this season in my life, I've discovered that the slow fade occurred because I failed to guard my heart. In this season, my cup runneth over with gratitude for who God is and for how He is ministering to my spirit. In this beautiful imperfect season, God is doing some of His best work in me. Something really beautiful is happening to my heart and in my spirit. It's so beautiful, it makes me want to weep in deep gratitude. 

Just the other day I shared with a friend of mine that I'm feeling very pregnant these days, not physically but spiritually. I feel like I'm getting ready to give birth to something. And just like a pregnant woman becomes excited, super excited right before she gives birth, I too am feeling excited about giving birth. Only I'm not sure what I am going to be giving birth to, but I know in my spirit it's going to be GREAT!

It's a cool, quiet morning here. I haven't had coffee yet because I immediately wanted to play this song and worship God in spirit and I wanted to take a few minutes to write to you. The windows are wide open in the house today. I just love that season in the year when you can sleep and wake with windows wide open. And before me, I see an empty field and can hear the sound of crickets singing a glorious Hallelujah song as they chirp. This moment feels sacred and for that, I am thankful. 

Happy day to you dear one. And as always, thank you so much for following me at Ruthies Corner. Thank you for taking the time to read as I share my heart with you. God bless you ... 

Until next time, 

xx, Ruthie

Friday, August 10, 2012

If we had coffee today I’d tell you: You don’t have to be perfect.

Do you ever feel pressured to be perfect? If you’re anything like me, you are NOT alone. I have suffered from that disease for most of my life. And as a truth-telling writer, I must confess that perfectionism rears its ugly head from time to time. In fact, many people feel the need to be perfect from time to time or regularly and for many who are recovering perfectionists, it’s still a daily struggle. 

I’ve learned that the need to be perfect is a burden we were NEVER meant to carry. The need to be perfect robs us of our joy and it robs us of our freedom. 

True perfection isn’t about being flawless–it’s about growth and completion

Beloved: You can trade the lie that you have to be perfect for the truth that God ONLY asks you to keep growing with Him.  

So keep growing my darlings. 


Perfectly imperfect

p.s. Pirfektionizm kills. Don’t let it kill you ...