Thursday, March 1, 2012

Living with Gratitude

Can you believe it's March already??? Whoa ... I can't. The days continue to fly by so quickly. Is it me or is everyone experiencing an extremely busy season??? 2011 for me ended on a busy note and 2012 has been ridiculously and relentlessly busy. Don't get me wrong, I love busy. In fact I thrive on busy but I DO NOT LIKE crazy, I can't catch my breath, did I forget to turn off the iron this morning busy. Seriously, it feels maddening sometimes. 

And as fast as March arrived, I'm glad it's here. March reminds me that spring is around the corner, such a delightful thought, isn't it? And as I ponder that thought, I find myself taking in a deep breath and exhaling slowly. Spring makes my heart feel happy and hopeful because it marks a new season filled with beauty, new-life, expectation and new energy. As I sat quietly for a few minutes tonight before I came to blog, I found myself thanking God for such a wonderful winter. We've experienced an extremely mild winter here, unseasonably warm for Chicago, the warmest winter we've experienced in 80 years in fact. The mild winter helps me to appreciate the sunshine and warmer weather when I'm out and about running errands during the noon hour. It's during the noon hour that I can escape for a bit into the elements, catch my breath, drink in the sunshine and relish the warm winter air. I thank God for blessing a girl like me with the ability to appreciate little things we sometimes take for granted because we get wrapped up in busyness. Tonight, I also thanked God for blessing me with the ability to get through such a busy season. I feel so carried by Him and in ways I can't articulate with words. It's an "only God" thing. Truly, only God.

Tonight my heart is brimming with gratitude and I trust and hope that I will continue to live with spirit-filled gratitude no matter how busy or trying days might feel because life as I know it is still filled with richness and relishable moments and lovely people and a God who loves me. In fact, He loves all His children. I'm especially thankful for my relationship with a living God who gets me, who walks with me and who blesses me with super-natural strength for my journey. And for that dear one, I'm thankful. 

Today is a Thursday filled with much thankfulness, no doubt. And tomorrow is fabulous Friday. Hurrah! I absolutely heart Fridays. I love the energy I feel in the air on Friday's. People seem happier and tend to be more thankful on Fridays. And I love that. 

Until next time, may all your days be filled with things, experiences and people to be thankful for. Wishing you and yours a fantastic day and weekend.

xx, Ruthie

P.S. Below you'll find some photos I found on Pinterest this evening that compliment my spirit of gratitude. Enjoy ...

I heart this quote ...