Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's your replenishment strategy?

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Above you will find a video I watched this morning. The speaker is my pastor, Bill Hybels. I so needed to hear this message today because the pace and pressure of my life during the week seems incredibly relentless and I'm experimenting and re-learning how to replenish and recharge in new ways. This message today reminded me how important self-leadership is. It's a message for leaders and non-leaders alike. If you're a leader, I'm confident this message will speak to you and bless you. And if you're not a leader, there's a message for you here too and I think it will bless you as well. 

When I was listening to this message, it made me think about busy married and single moms raising and caring for their children. Mothers are leaders too in case you hadn't noticed. And many married moms feel like single parents because their husbands either travel too much or because they're emotionally checked out. And while their responsibilities don't include increasing market share or profit margins or reading P&L statements, their responsibilities are vastly different on a daily basis and incredibly important because they influence the lives of little and young children who will impact our future. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to dismiss or down play the importance of a career, or work outside of the home or running a business but let's face it; a great company is great because of its people. People are a company's greatest asset. People are the visionaries, creators, builders, leaders, sustainers and supporters who pour out their time and energy each day to keep a company in business. And while both parents play a very important role in shaping their children's lives, what came to my mind today was married and single mothers, probably because I've heard their stories and probably because I've lived the story. These moms are not only nurturers but they're responsible and spend more time leading intentionally, responsibly and by example and contribute to shaping the moral character and compass of their children's lives often times because their husbands or ex-husbands do not have the luxury to spend as much time with their children. Yes, mothers are leaders too. Mothers coach and mentor, manage and influence their children. They're responsible for influencing their children to become flourishing, respectful and responsible adults who will become great contributors to society and great leaders in society exhibiting great integrity. It's no small thing, no small task. So if you're a mama, remember that you're a leader too and you need to practice self-care and should have a replenish strategy.  

Bills message also made me think about people who are addicted to adrenaline who are "perpetual motion," (that's what I call them) who would benefit from slowing down and taking more periodic breaks to care for themselves in new and fresh ways. I hope this message blesses you in both big and small ways and gets you thinking about self-care. 

Below you will find another video, shorter in duration, approximately eight minutes in length that will tell you more about who Bill Hybels is. Because of Bill Hybels vision, I came to faith back in June 1999. Thank you Bill for listening and acting on that God whisper. And thank you God for whispering to Bill. Bill's approach in reaching lost and broken and irreligious people spoke clearly to me and helped me hear the gospel message like I had never heard it before. It just made sense! And it still does. I don't consider myself a religious person. And I'm far from being perfect or exempt from problems. I consider myself someone who needs and wants God in her life, who loves God and who is grateful for the gift of grace because of Jesus. And because of my relationship with a living God, my desire to love and help people seems natural and I like that. Take a listen.  Until next time ... xx, Ruthie