Monday, November 19, 2012

A note to my girls

Below is an e-mail that I sent to my favorite girls this morning. These girls are the women I do life with. These are the women that I love and trust, women who have blessed me immensely through the years, women who have been there when I needed them. Through the years, we have done so much together: coffee, dinners, movies, dancing, concerts, road trips, sleep overs, drive by's for hugs and flowers and countless of hours talking and listening. We've cried together, laughed together, prayed together and have loved and supported each other through life's most difficult seasons. Today, I'm super thankful for these amazing women and for the gift of friendship. 

Several years ago, I ran into my 4th and 6th grade teacher at a grocery store in Park Ridge, IL. Her name then was Miss Farrell and yes, she was my teacher both in 4th grade and again in 6th grade. Our encounter occurred as I was shopping for dessert, I was headed to a dinner party that evening and she was shopping for provisions. We spotted each other somewhere between the produce section and the dessert area. I was thrilled she remembered me, probably because she taught me for 18 months and even happier when she shared with me that my face hadn't changed a bit since she last saw me. Really??? Bless her heart for sharing that with me. That made my day! As we chatted and tried to catch up on twenty-five years of life, she shared with me that she eventually married but had just lost her husband that year due to an illness. I think she said cancer but I can't remember clearly. She shared with me that she met and married him late in life. She added that although she met him late in life, she experienced a beautiful marriage and the years that she had with him were wonderful. I was really glad for her because he left her with fond memories of love. That's a beautiful gift. 

I will never forget what she taught me that day. She said to me, "You know, Ruth, if it wasn't for my girlfriends, I would have never survived such a painful season in my life." She added that she was grateful that her years as a singleton allowed her time to invest in her friendships because it was her girlfriends who were there for her when she needed love the most. Her parting words to me that day were: "Invest in your friendships and never take them for granted because it's your girlfriends in life who will be there for you when it matters the most." Two and a half decades later, this lovely woman was still teaching me. Isn't that amazing? God bless her where ever she is. I have never forgotten those words!  And I will never forget her or her teaching spirit. Thank you Miss Farrell!

Below is the note I sent to my girls via e-mail this morning:

Well Good Morning my darlings, 

How are you on this fantastic Monday morning???

The verse below from the book of John really ministered to me and encouraged me yesterday when I read it and again this morning when I re-read it. Seriously, this verse makes my heart smile. Sometimes, God's word just WOW's me. Doesn't it WOW you sometimes? I love those WOW moments. I live for those WOW moments! And last night and again this morning, this is the verse that has me saying: WOW! I wanted to share it with you, my lovelies who I love so much! Each of you bless me in your own unique way and if I haven't told you lately, thank you. Thank you for being you and for being part of my life and for your goodness and for how you bless me. I never want to take for granted that I have such amazing, beautiful women and friendships in my life. 

The coming days and weeks will be busy, no doubt. This is always such a busy season but this year, during this season, I'm being super intentional about spending extra quiet time with God. I even deactivated my Facebook account so I can stay focused. I know!!!! Can you believe it?!!! Even Michael is shocked! LOL! (I think he thinks Jesus might be coming if Mama deactivated her Facebook account. LOL!)  ; )

Dear ones, I'm wishing for you an awesome week filled with gratitude, gratitude for life, love and God's goodness and blessings. Girls, He is so good to us and He loves us so much. Even though our lives are less than perfect, life is still so beautiful and filled with such beauty. I'm being intentional these days about so many things and lately, I'm looking for beauty in the ordinary, in our every day lives. And you know what? It's there. We just need to look for it, even when things feel hard and dark, even when we feel frustrated and sad, even when things don't look like they're changing. 

My sweethearts, may God's favor be upon you today and every day and may He bless you with wisdom, discernment, good health and peace. And may He provide for your every need during your journey. I love you. Never doubt that. 

With Gratitude for our friendship,

xx, Ruthie

But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on His own; He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come. ~John 16:13