Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6: Gratitude

Day 6: No one, any where under any circumstance is ever too lost for God to redeem. If He could do it for me, He can and will do it for anyone. If you’re praying for the lost or someone who is lost, don't lose hope and never give up. Give God time. Keep praying even though you don't see change. Keep praying even if its been years. Keep praying because that's why Jesus came and that's who Jesus gave His life up for. Jesus came for the lost. He came for you, He came for me. He died for you. He died for me. I once was a very lost girl, lost and spiritually blind and dead. I'm no longer lost or blind or dead. I've been redeemed and saved by a great Savior. His name is Jesus. Our faith and our prayers activate God's power and that's why I pray, that's why we should pray and keep praying. And when you pray, pray in the mighty name of Jesus. There is power in that name. 

There are many who are blind, spiritually dead, lost and broken and they need our prayers. Don't stop praying. Don't give up. Let's keep praying. Let's keep believing! Love unconditionally, hope fully and believe. Remember believing is based on faith, not feelings. Faith is believing the unseen before it happens. Believe and your feelings will eventually catch up with you. 

Today I'm thankful for so much. I'm thankful that God was relentless in His pursuit for me, so thankful! I was a stubborn one, no doubt about it. God is so patient! I'm also thankful for those who prayed for me through the years and for those who never gave up on me, who believed in me, encouraged me, helped me and loved me. We all need people to believe in us. I'm also thankful that God is the God of second chances, thankful that He is full of mercy and for His amazing grace.

Lastly, I'm also thankful for the gift of prayer and that now I'm able to pray with faith for those that God places on my heart who are lost and weary, those who are hurting, those who struggle to forgive, who live with anger and bitterness and brokenness, those who need godly wisdom and discernment and those who need a revelation from God and His healing touch which will transform their lives in beautiful and radical ways. A touch from God will transform any soul in ways that they could never imagine. It's something super-natural and it's something that has to be experienced for anyone to understand it. 

Do I have any believers reading this today? If you're a believer, say: Amen. If you're not a believer, or if you struggle to believe, pray to God and ask Him to help you believe. I learned a few years ago through a Beth Moore Bible Study that we receive little, because we ask for little. Learning that changed the way I prayed. Beloved reader, God is a big God. So let's pray boldly and confidently because nothing is impossible for God.  

Until next time, 

xx, Ruthie

May the Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you. May He be gracious to you, lift you up and bless you with His peace.  ~Numbers 24-26

When God’s face shines upon you, that’s Big Daddy smiling at you, beloved.