Monday, November 21, 2011

Unspoken words

The memory of yesterday lives on as beautifully as it started as I recall days gone by. I still remember every detail that makes him beautiful to me. The first day was one of the best days, the best of many. It was the most magical day of the year, perfect and indelible in every way. 
A chance encounter developed into a deep connection, a connection neither of us expected and on so many levels. Tenderness, sweet kisses, amazing conversations and moments that connected two hearts and two souls together are all unforgettable. His eyes were amazing and his smile ... well they lit up the room, every single time. I miss those beautiful eyes and how they gazed into mine. And I miss how breathtaking it was every single time his fingers softly traced the lines on my face. Was he trying to memorize me? Did he know the end was near? Or was it the beginning? It still makes me cry when I think about how amazing those moments were. They were beautiful, tender, truly unforgettable and yet I forgave his mistakes and gave him reasons and a history for breaking my heart. I thought I knew him, but I now realize I barely knew him. And now I see everything and understand every thing. And even when he broke my heart, I still remembered the reason why I loved him in the first place.

Inspired by: What I didn't say.