Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Love, Faith, Hope

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

Love, faith and hope are three words I was thinking about on repeat this morning and I'm not exactly sure why. And in case you're curious, I was thinking about them in that exact order too, not the order you typically read in 1 Corinthians which is: faith, hope, and love. This morning felt rather extraordinary. Nothing spectacular happened to make it feel wonderful, it just was. Do you ever have mornings like that? And when they happen, don’t you just love them??? I think it felt wonderful because I woke up feeling extra happy, extra alive and extra grateful. That's such a fantastic feeling. I think that's what you call joy and what I felt this morning felt incredibly awesome and I will gladly welcome more of that, please and thank you. Joy, I'm convinced is uncontainable, wouldn't you agree? It has to be expressed. In fact, it must be expressed. And to add to my already fabulous morning, I was completely delighted to discover a $20 Starbucks gift card in my wallet. Awww ... what a wonderful surprise. Thank you my angel and bless you! Tuesday feels terrific already. I'm not sure why the words love, faith and hope were floating in my head on repeat this morning but I'm pretty sure there's a reason for it. I'm the kind of person who likes to pay attention to her thought life because often times its what's birthed in thought that inspires me to write and also because I believe that's how God whispers and reveals things to us. I'm learning to pay attention to that quiet voice. I'm a passionate and curious learner, so paying attention to my thought life is important to me and feels quite natural. Some people think quietly, others audibly and while admittedly I do both, I must confess that I also think alot on paper. It's how writing became my passion. As I pondered what God might be saying to me this morning through these words, I decided to pen my thoughts to explore, discover and learn what might actually surface. So here I am ... sharing my thoughts on love, faith and hope, yes in that order. :o) I hope these words will bless you today. 

We all hold the power to love, to exercise faith and to keep hope alive. So let us do just that. Let us love radically and unconditionally. Let us cherish what love produces for it is always good. Let us be faithful people, faithful in all things. And collectively, let us keep hope alive despite how scary life might feel sometimes. I've come to believe that God knows it’s scary to be us. And because He knows it's scary to be us, He's promised to love us endlessly and to be with us no matter what. I must admit, I find alot of comfort in that. I hope you will too.  

Today, may you rest in the assurance that you are deeply loved by a Holy God who will never, ever give up on you and may you rest in the assurance that you are never alone.

Today I choose love. Today I choose faith and today I choose hope. Today I choose to remember that I have the power to love and to cherish what it produces. Today I choose to remember that I have the power to exercise faith muscles. And last but not least, today I choose to keep hope alive by trusting in a God who see's all things and knows all things and above all else because He is a faithful God.

Blessings ... 

Until next time,