Friday, January 11, 2013


Recently, I've had a few of my friends remind me how important our sisterhood is to them and every time I hear them share that with me, my heart melts with gratitude. 

It feels good to be loved and appreciated for who you are and where you are in life and it feels so good to have women I love and trust so much be a part of my every day life. I can't imagine life without them. Really, I can't. I love these women more than cupcakes and that says ALOT. And as I think about our sisterhood, it makes me want to cry in deep gratitude because each of them is so precious to me. Each of them have blessed me so much through the years and in their own beautiful gifted ways. They've loved me at my worst, guided me back to the light when I drifted and at times have talked me off the ledge when life felt dark, hard and unfair. Not really off the ledge, but you know what I mean. 

My sisterhood relationships are important, necessary and a gift from God for sure. They're my beloved sweet angels. 

I'm glad I have these sisterhood friendships because these are the women I do real life with. I share my heart, my dreams and my most intimate thoughts and struggles with them. I do this because I can, because they love me unconditonally and because they've earned my trust. There is never any competition or jealously or weirdness because while we recognize that we all have different gifts, we also recognize and embrace that we're all created in the image of God, to love Him and to love others, to serve Him and to serve others. 

Sisterhood is about doing life together. It's about authenticity. It's an authentic relationship where we support each other, love each other, tell each other the truth, like all the time and we stand in the gap for one another. We learn together and grow together and I love that about our sisterhood. 

The women I have sisterhood relationships with are brilliant, beautiful, and trust worthy and their company is always easy and the relationship is completely grace based. Aaaah ... how refreshing. We have Jesus to thank for that. Thank You Jesus!

A little bit about us ...

  1. We love each other unconditionally and celebrate our differences.
  2. We trust each other and listen without judgment.
  3. We tell each other the truth, and we say it with love.
  4. We hold each other accountable and we remind each other that we are never alone.
  5. We say I love you often and alot and remind each other how much God loves us.
  6. We love each others children and we pray for them as if they were our own.
  7. We stand in the gap for each other and we don't let each other give up.
  8. We recognize and believe that we are so much more than the choices we have made and so much more than the sum of our mistakes.
  9. We've learned that we all fall and when it happens, we pick each other up gently and carefully because we know that after a fall, we feel raw, fractured and fragile.
  10. We cry together.
  11. We pray together.
  12. We shop together.
  13. We laugh together.
  14. We do sleep over’s and road trips and coffee.
  15. We send and give each other gifts and cards, just because.
  16. We read the same types of books and talk about what God is teaching us in each new season.
  17. Last but not least, we take care of our planet because we recognize it's the ONLY planet with chocolate! [insert smile here]
Yes, indeed, sisterhood is a beautiful thing. It's a sacred, grace-filled relationship between women who get each other and who love each other, women who see people through the eyes of Jesus, through grace-filled lenses. And the very best part about our sisterhood is that we recognize that we are so precious in God's sight and that we serve an amazing King.

Thank you my sweet sisters! I love you more than more. I love you to the moon and back and more than cupcakes!!!