Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Room 316

Today I'm going to share a short story with you and include some pictures I took with my camera phone. The story has everything to do with my hotel room number when I was in Washington D.C. for business purposes last week and how it inspired me.

My hotel room number was 316. The numbers 316 always remind me of John 3:16 which says: For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. This is the verse I memorized when I was a teenager during a season in my life when I attended church services on Thursday evenings. It's also one of the most widely quoted verses from the Christian Bible and in a nutshell, it is the Gospel. 

When I noticed that I was assigned to room 316 it made me smile inside and outside too. I just knew God was with me, no doubt. I was feeling His presence in such wonderful ways that entire day. Logistically speaking, everything went super well as I traveled to D.C. I found a great parking spot at the airport, the tram to get to the other side of the airport arrived just as I walked onto the platform, boarding went smooth, the flight was smooth, landing was smooth, and getting to the D.C. office went smooth.

During the check-in process at the hotel, I chatted with the man who gave me my room cards at the hotel. I shared with him that I was glad he assigned me to room 316. Room 316 was an upgrade he offered me, just because. Why thank you kind man! It was a large room with a well equipped kitchen, a full sized fridge, a stove, a large sectional sofa etc., etc. It was a very nice room. When he handed me my room cards, I shared with him that I love the numbers 316 with a big smile and asked him to guess why I love the numbers 316 so much. He looked at me, paused for a little while and then began to recite John 3:16 to me. Oh my gravy! Was I ever pleasantly surprised! I didn't expect that. We got a good chuckle out of that. I super loved that moment! He shared with me that he is a God fearing man and attends church regularly. We got to chatting about where he was from because he had such a beautiful accent. He shared with me that home is Uruguay but he's been in the United States for 30 years now. As we spoke Spanish, his boss who was sitting near by joined the conversation and I learned that he too is Puerto Rican, just like me. I felt like I was among family. 

The following morning, right before I checked out, I felt inspired to leave something of significance for the person who would later walk in that room to clean it. I almost always leave a tip but that morning, I felt inspired to leave a generous tip and a little something more.

Allow me to mention that every morning during the month of January, my friend Nikki who lives in St. Louis and I call each other at 6am to recite a declaration from Joel Osteen's new book called: I Declare. Since I knew I would be traveling, I brought copies of the declaration with me so I wouldn't have to carry the book with me.

On the day I checked out of the hotel, before I left the hotel room, I decided to leave my copy of the declaration in the room as a gift and wrote a short note on it. My note included what John 3:16 means.

Before I left the hotel room that morning, I did the following ...

I left an open Bible. It was the Bible I read from the night before that was in a drawer next to the bed. I left the Bible open to the book of John marking John 3:16 so they could see this verse for themselves in the Bible.

I left a $20 bill that sat on top of the note I wrote. The note was written on my copy of day 4's declaration from Joel Osteen's book. 

I also left the radio on, which was tuned into a Christian radio station that plays contemporary Christian music. It's what I listened to the night before and the morning of. I love contemporary Christian music. It's what sets the tone for me to start my day. I love music and it's what puts a pep in my step every morning. 

Before I left the room that morning, I paused and prayed that God would bless the recipient of the gift I left behind and prayed that it would remind them that God sees them and hears them and is reaching out to them. I will never know what that note or money meant to the person who walked into that room that day but in my spirit, I know I did what God wanted me to do that morning and it felt and still feels good as I remember that morning. 

I left a larger tip than usual because God placed it on my heart to do so. I originally was going to leave a $10 bill but in my spirit, I felt a nudge to put the $10 bill back into my wallet and leave a $20 bill instead. I remember saying: "Okay boss." ... cause God really is the boss of me. :o)

If I had the right amount of change, I would have left 3 singles on one side of the note and a ten, a five and a single dollar bill on the right side of the note. That would have been brilliant, don't you think? Well creative at least. That money would have represented 3 16.

My heart felt full that morning, so full. I felt so happy leaving that room that morning and thought about the person who received that gift that entire day and during my entire weekend. Today I was thinking about that person and whispered a quiet prayer for them asking God to meet this persons needs. And as I thought about this person today and everything I left behind that morning, it inspired me to share this story with you today. I hope you enjoyed it. 

God is so good my beloved readers. And I love how He whispers to us and inspires us. In my last post I mentioned that lately I'm listening and hearing in ways I couldn't hear before. This story is a perfect example of just that. This inspiration totally came from God and it felt SO wonderful to have the God of our universe inspire me in such a beautiful and creative way to bless someone I will never meet or see. Only God!

Until next time … God bless you and if God whispers to you to do something good, do it. You’ll be so glad you did.  


A whisper. It’s spoken softly in quiet tones. It’s hard to hear and easy to miss. And it’s often how God communicates with us. ~ Author Unknown

I just noticed I wrote Thursday, instead of Friday. 
A sign that I do my best work after 10am and not at 7am. Latte please! : )