Sunday, May 13, 2012

Unconditional Love

Today is Mother's Day and as I pondered what I've learned about motherhood, I realized that I have both learned and discovered many things about life, love, God and myself through out this journey. One of the most beautiful things I learned through out my journey as a mother is unconditional love. And motherhood has helped me understand "clearly" God's 'unconditional' love for us. 

No matter what, I love my son unconditionally, period. And no matter what, God loves us unconditionally, period.

When I was a rebellious teenager, my mother reminded me that I was and am a person of value and a person of great worth, no matter what I've done because God does not make junk. What a blessing to have a mother share those words with me. I have never forgotten them. 

We are not defined by our poor decisions. We are valuable simply because we exist and because we were created by a holy God who loves us "unconditionally." 

Dear ones, Love is the greatest gift of all. 

Thank you mommy for loving me unconditionally! Thank you for your wise words, they have served me well. And thank you Michael for being patient with me and forgiving me when I didn't always get it right. I will always love you more.