Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My thoughts on the energy we produce

I’ve come to learn in recent years that while we are spiritual beings doing life in human bodies, we are also energy and the energy we produce is directly related to how we think and what we believe. How we think and what we believe is directly related to our happiness and joy or lack there of. What we think, how we think and what we believe has everything to do with how we spend our time. It has everything to do with what you feed your mind with. I’ve also learned that we are all individually responsible for the energy we bring into our relationships, our homes, our conversations, the workplace and the spaces we occupy. In this last sentence it is permissible to replace the word energy with attitude for it applies as well.

I’ve learned that joy is energy and incredibly palpable, wouldn't you agree? I super love that feeling and I love being around people who are joy-filled. Joy is a sense of utter contentment with life. Contentment and joy is internal and independent of circumstances. I’ve also learned that negative energy is incredibly palpable too. Negative energy I've learned is often toxic, suffocating and draining. Have you ever been in an environment or around a person who emits this type of energy? Makes you want to run for this hills, right? Negative energy stems from wounds that have manifested their way into deep rooted anger, bitterness and resentment. It also stems from a need to control and an unhealthy way of thinking and living.

Stop for a minute right here and ask yourself today: 1.) What kind of energy am I producing and why? 2.) What kind of energy am I permitting to enter into my inner circle and why?

If it’s not positive, ask yourself what steps you can take to change the energy you're producing. Remember, you have the power to change the energy you produce and it begins with tapping into the Source, God. Everything is possible with and for God. If negative energy (chronic negative people) has made its way into your inner circle, it's time to set some healthy boundaries. 

If you’re energy is producing joy and promoting joy, thank God for that gift and that blessing, it’s no small thing and it’s something to be thankful for. The people I know who are joy-filled are those who have deep gratitude for God, life and living. Their lives are not perfect but they do life and lean on the One who is perfect. And that's the secret, that's what makes the difference. These joy-filled people have less-than-rosy pasts and experiences and stories filled with disappointments, struggles and pain. Life wasn’t always easy and sometimes it’s still not easy but they chose and choose better not bitter and they choose to invite God into their lives and into their hearts. They learned that joy is internal and not based on circumstances.

So ask yourself again: What kind of energy am I producing?  What kind of energy am I permitting to enter into my inner circle?

Until next time,

xx, Ruthie

p.s. Beloved reader, if you’re in a place of emotional healing, bless your little heart. Take all the time you need to heal emotionally. I’m sure reading this today wasn't easy. Emotional healing is hard work, messy for sure and rarely easy but it’s so worth it so keep going. Don't give up. Healing and moving on is a process, a process of time and surrender. It takes many little steps and it takes patience, courage, self-care, a healthy support network of trusted people and it also requires you to invite our true Healer into the process. So hang in there, the future is promising and it will get better. You must choose to believe that even if you can't see it or feel it yet. 

For I am the LORD who heals you. ~ Exodus 15:26

Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, just as you are progressing spiritually. ~ 3 John 1:2