Friday, May 4, 2012

Movement in Time

Movement in Time
Happy Friday dear readers! I trust you're all doing well and ready for the weekend. My weekend has begun with falling in love. Yes, I fell in love with this gorgeous necklace and pendant (picture included in this post) called "Movement in Time." I purchased it from the Vintaj Jewelry Co. located in GalenaIllinois, a small eclectic antique, art-inspiring town widely known for its beauty, charm and history.

I fell in love with this piece because it screams "vintage" and I super love all things vintage, especially vintage style jewelry. And although this isn't a true vintage item, I love that it's hand designed in the U.S. and made with vintage revival elements. I love its uniqueness, charm and beauty.

I think it's both wonderful and surprising that I have an appreciation for all things vintage or vintage looking items because as a young adult, I never loved nor could I appreciate antiques or vintage looking items. I think it's because I grew up with alot of "old" stuff. And because of that, I wanted new, new, new. I wanted modern, modern things and modern furnishings and I wanted to live in a modern new home. Today I live in a modern new home but I would prefer to live in a home built in the late 1800's because of it's charm, character, irreplaceable architecture and because it was built in an era so different from today. Through the years, I quickly learned that "new" isn't and hasn't always been better and much of it is because of planned obsolescence which makes me want to scream: stop already! 

The older I get, the fonder I become with all things vintage because of its artistry, beauty and period of origin. Vintage items, antiques and older homes have a history, and a charm and a life of their own. These things have a story to tell or a story to be discovered. And I'm always curious and wonder what life would have felt like living in the era a piece was imagined, created, made or built. I can only imagine what life was like for the creators, the artists, the builders and for the people who owned the vintage and antique pieces we love so much because each of these people have their own stories. Yes, I can only imagine what their stories were based on an era I can only read, imagine and dream about. 

How about you? Do you love antiques or vintage looking items?

Until next time ... wishing you and yours a fabulous weekend!

xx, Ruthie

p.s. You can find Vintaj Jewelry on Etsy as well by clicking here.