Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Greatest Love Story by Edna Tolento

Below is an absolutely beautiful poem written by my colleague Toni's second cousin, Edna Tolento. Toni sent this to me via e-mail today and I was absolutely wowed over it. Edna shared in her e-mail: "I want my life with Jesus to be the greatest love story of all time." Isn't that beautiful???  

Thank you Edna for allowing God's Spirit to guide your pen as you wrote these beautiful words and thank you for allowing me to share it with my readers on Ruthie's Corner. Keep shining! May this poem bless everyone who comes to read these beautiful words. 

The Greatest Love Story
She weeps,
He consoles her

She falls,
He catches her

She needs,
He provides for her

She is lost,
He finds her

She questions,
He answers her

She is angered,
He calms her

She is sad,
He cheers her

She is harmed
He defends her

She is heartbroken,
He heals her

She is in danger,
He protects her.

She is rejected,
He accepts her

She doubts,
He reassures her

She repents,
He forgives her

She rebels,
He is patient with her 

She is weak,
He holds her

She is alone,
He accompanies her

She makes mistakes,
He corrects her

She leaves,
He waits for her

She yearns,
He satisfies her

She is misunderstood,
He understands her

She is scared,
He watches over her

She grieves,
He comforts her

She is tired,
He refreshes her

She feels unworthy,
He treasures her

She is forgotten
He remembers her

She looks up,
He smiles down at her 

She dreams,
He inspires her

She believes,
He believes in her

She is faithful,
He restores her

She forgives,
He renews her

She prays,
He listens to her

She praises,
He adores her

She surrenders,
He blesses her

She loves,
He loves her

She lives for him,
He died for her. 

Jesus, You are the lover of my soul.
~ poem by Edna Tolento