Friday, April 6, 2012

It is finished

Today many of us observe what is well known as Good Friday.  And on Good Friday more than any other Friday, we remember what Jesus did for us on Calvary.

As I pondered what Good Friday represents and what Jesus did for us, I recognize that what He did was no small thing and whispered a quiet thank you to Him. A quiet whisper seems incredibly insufficient, don’t you think? But truly I am overwhelming grateful when I sit and ponder His greatness.

“It is finished” are the final words of Jesus on the cross at Calvary before He gave up His life for us. He said, “It is finished,” then bowed His head and gave up His spirit.

It is finished means that He accomplished what He came to do. Those who believe by faith are saved by grace. We are not and will never be saved by our own performance. The Bible is pretty clear on that and boy am I ever glad for that because if it was up to good works, I would never get into heaven. Truth be told, we all fail when it come to “enough” good works. I could, we could never do enough good and we could never be good enough. In fact, the Bible says that only God is good.

The truest definition of who we are in Christ means, it is finished. It is "done." I’m so thankful for that.

Today's Prayer:

Thank you God for sending us Your Son Jesus to die on a cross for us. And thank You Jesus for loving us so much that You gave up Your life so we could live. Thank you for helping me understand this mystery. Thank you God for revealing Yourself to me and for helping me recognize truth and for helping me believe. I will never fully understand that kind of love, that Jesus died for me, He paid my sin debt.  I am grateful beyond what my simple words could ever express. Thank you. My cup runneth over ... 

Until next time, 

xx, Ruthie