Friday, October 19, 2012


Today is Friday and for most of us, it’s the end of the work week. Today as we know it, will never come again.

There's a song on the radio that commands my attention every time I hear it. And lately, they've been playing this song alot on KLOVE, the radio station I love listening to. I'm not sure who the artist is or what the name of the song is. The lyrics in the song that stand out to me the most are: "I want to live like there's no tomorrow, love like I'm on borrowed time." Wow! ... What a powerful statement. I can so relate because that's exactly how I want to live my life. I'm not always successful at living like there's no tomorrow but at the very heart of who I am, I want all my moments to count. 

The other morning as I was walking into my my office building, I ran into a colleague of mine who asked me how I was doing. And he didn't just ask in a casual manner to be polite. He really wanted to know how I was doing because he asked the question twice. As we stood there, we got to chatting for a bit before we headed over to our respective offices and during our conversation, he shared with me that as he gets older, he's realizing how important it is to appreciate what we have and to make life count. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to hear that. This colleague of mine has an extraordinary spirit. He's probably one of the most affable people I know. Everybody who knows him, loves him! He e-mails me periodically or stops by to check in on me, to make sure I'm doing okay. I love that about him. He's just a very kind man with a very caring heart for people. And I think to myself, what if we were all like him? 

I share these things with you because I want to encourage you to think and to live differently. We should all aspire to be a blessing to others, to be a friend, to encourage and to empower, not just today but every day. We should take the time to check in on our friends and our family members, taking the time to care, to love, to serve and to pray. We should make that phone call, write that letter, send that e-mail, plan that visit or host that dinner party we keep putting off. Let's do something or many things to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people who cross our paths, the people in our communities and with our family. 

Each of us is equipped and each of us has the power to make a positive difference in life, every day. Our words and our attitudes and our actions carry extraordinary power. 

Together, let's decide today to tap into that power and to do something extra nice for someone. That someone could be a stranger, a friend or a family member. Maybe today, you'll decide that it will be many people. And if that’s what you decide, I applaud you! That’s a great attitude! After all, the day is still young, it’s not too late. It's never too late. 

When you speak to people today, slow down. Don’t be in such a hurry. Let your words breathe life into them. And when people speak to you, listen carefully and attentively. Let’s remember that people matter, people over things matter.

Let’s remember that our words have incredible power. Our words have the power to heal or to wound so let’s choose words that heal, that build people up, that promote goodness, wellness and kindness. Let’s choose words that leave people feeling blessed, loved and valued.

My friends, tomorrow is never promised. Today is all we have. What we have is right here and right now. 

So .... how are you going to spend the next 24 hours?

What kinds of things will you do and say to make a difference, not just today but every day?

Until next time, 

xx, Ruthie

p.s. I just researched the artist and the name of the song that I mentioned in this post. The artist is Jason Gray and the name of the song is called: Good to be Alive. It's a good tune and it inspires me in really good ways. :o) Hope it inspires you too. Be well ... 

May the Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you. May He be gracious to you, lift you up and bless you with His peace.  ~Numbers 24-26

When God’s face shines upon you, that’s Big Daddy smiling at you, beloved.