Monday, September 26, 2011

Stupid Cancer!

Stupid cancer. We all want a new car or a new phone or a new something but a person who has cancer only wants one thing. They want to live. They want to live long enough to celebrate 100 more birthdays and to see the sun set 36,000 more times. As a breast cancer survivor, I know all too well how that feels. I’ve met scores of people in the last two years whose lives and bodies were invaded by cancer. Cancer is incredibly intrusive and it has an ugly and exhaustive ripple affect on the person’s body.

My heart rejoices every time I learn that someone has beat cancer. That feeling is incredibly delicious. My message to all the survivors is: Hurrah! I’m so-o thrilled for you. And my message to those who are still fighting is: Don't quit! Never quit. Keep fighting! Keep praying. Keep hoping and keep believing. To those who left us too soon: You fought a good fight. You did your best. You will not be forgotten. And I promise I'll do all I can to create awareness and to fund research to find a cure. I'll do that until its time to meet my Maker.

So would I love a new phone? Sure. Would I love a new car? You betcha. But if I could trade those things for a world without cancer, I would do it in a heart beat.

The above video was a commercial I saw this evening while watching television. I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when the commercial aired. When I heard Ricky Martin's voice, it stopped me in my tracks and caused me to pause to watch and to listen. At first it made me smile because I love Ricky, his voice and how beautiful he is. I also smiled because it’s a happy song and also because I just celebrated a birthday on Saturday. Birthdays for me are no small thing. It's a gift to be here. I'm thankful for my gift and I live with gratitude every single day. I won’t deny that life isn’t always continuous bliss but there's always something to be thankful for, to be grateful for and to celebrate. The end of that commercial is what got to me. It tugged on my heart strings immediately. My eyes welled up with tears and I had this HUGE lump in my throat. It was instantaneous. I've played this video many times over and the end still gets to me. It gets to me because I feel like such a lucky woman. I feel so blessed. And I want EVERY ONE to feel and experience that kind of lucky, that kind of blessing.

Would you do be me a favor? Will you join me and pray for a world without cancer?

Until next time,