Thursday, July 14, 2011

Plant it Pink!

As a breast cancer survivor and as a woman who absolutley loves pink tulips, I would be remissed if I didn’t share the following with you:

The Plant it Pink Northshore Campaign is aimed at informing Illinois residents about the need for advocacy in the fight against breast cancer and to raise the funds necessary for the ACS CAN (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network) to continue its lifesaving work by the planting and blooming of Pink Impression tulips.

For a $20 minimum contribution, you will receive a membership to the ACS CAN and 10 pink tulip bulbs to plant in honor of those diagnosed with breast cancer.

For more information and to make your contribution, please visit:

Isn't this a super cool idea??? I love it, love it! Tulips always signal the first sign of spring, and next spring, I hope to see a sea of pink tulips. :o)

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and to consider this! 

Wishing you a spectacular day!!!

Until next time,



Gardening Tulips:

  • Tulips should be planted in the fall at a 6” depth.
  • While the hole is exposed, apply bone meal over the top of the tulip bulb and then cover with soil. Water the bulb like you would a summer flower.
  • Tulip bulbs need to set their roots over winter to produce a good show. A proper root system is very important for the life of the tulip bulb.
  • In the spring once the flower head has flowered, remove the flower head leaving the stalk. When the green stalk turns completely brown, cut it at ground level. The flower stalk takes in sunlight (the process of photosynthesis) enabling the plant bulb to reproduce again next year.