Saturday, March 2, 2013

Being a difference maker

At the very core of who I am, my heart desires is to make all my moments count. I’m a realist and as a realist, I acknowledge that this is not always possible or easy because life is packed with responsibilities and meetings and deadlines but each day we’re blessed with I’ve learned offers each of us opportunities and moments to create meaningful engagement in the ordinary of every day life. 

We add meaning and value through our interactions with people, with a simple smile, a lovely hello, a spirit of gratitude, a loving look, with our words, our deeds, being an attentive listener, practicing grace and compassion, simple acts of random kindness and through human touch.

Dear ones, there are so many ways to add meaning and to add value to the people in our life.

Never under estimate the impact your life has on another human being.

Your words, your deeds, the way you show up for life and love all make a difference. Life as I know it is a lot shorter than we care to admit. The days and weeks go by so fast. Wouldn’t you agree? So let’s be courageous and take risks and make our moments count because any good we do will leave people feeling better. And in the process of leaving others feeling better, you feel better.

The things we do, the things we say are the very things that begin to leave a legacy behind. So show up, do beautiful things, speak beautiful words, create beauty in your own beautiful way each and every day. 

You will never regret any good you do in life. Never. And all the good we do, makes each of us a difference maker. It leaves us feeling richer. So together let’s agree to be the kind of people who do life differently. Let’s live being a difference maker through how we live, love, breathe and move.  

May the light of life shine on you always, 

xx, Ruthie