Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A beautiful morning

My view this morning
Good morning mi gente,

I hope and pray you're all doing well on this beautiful and magnificent Wednesday morning. I'm working from home today and my mini office (which is part of my master bedroom) and desk face this big empty field behind my house as I write to you. The outside temperature is perfect in Chicago this morning, such a blessing considering the very hot temperatures we've endured for weeks on end. I have the windows wide open and can see the sun shining brightly on the field in front of me and on the horizon as I hear the birds chirping this morning. There's a soft breeze that I feel on my skin and it reminds me of God's goodness and that He is very present. This cool breeze feels like soft hugs from God. What a blessing to be able to take this in. This feels right, and necessary and so good for my soul. It's moments like this that fill my heart with gratitude, gratitude for life, sacred moments and for Gods goodness. Even though life is less than perfect and even though I have circumstances that try to rob me of my peace, it's moments like this that help me realize that God restores us in moments if we allow Him. And this moment, this beautiful early morning is blessing me richly and filling me up in ways I find difficult to describe. If I could bottle this feeling and send it off to the world, I'm pretty sure it would eradicate the need for blood pressure medication. God is good my friends and He loves us so much, always and forever and nothing we could ever do will ever change that. Is that good or what???

Happy Wednesday to you my darlings. May God's love and peace rest upon your hearts and in your homes and at the work place and in your relationships today and always.

And remember, God loves you, always and forever. Wishing you a beautiful day ....

Big hugs to all, 

xx, Ruthie