Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Never give up!

I fell upon this quote tonight and I have to say, it really spoke to me. The quote I’m referring to is the one in the photo. It’s been an insanely busy 2012 so far and I have to say, I’ve missed blogging terribly. I miss that quiet time in front of my lap top and I miss feeling inspired to write. Lately, I’ve been feeling very uninspired. Yes, I’m in a writing funk. I think busyness has something to do with it for sure and I also think that my lack of sleep must play a role too. For months now, I haven’t been sleeping well or enough for that matter. I think it’s a hormonal thing and these days I rely on melatonin to fall asleep but I inevitably wake up every night at least once, sometimes twice before my alarm clock goes off. Most nights it’s a bit of a struggle to fall back to sleep. It’s incredibly frustrating because this lack of sleep has had a huge impact on my energy level. I’ve always been a good sleeper and for years, I’ve always slept well.  And now I’m humbled that I can’t control why I continue to wake up so often or why I suffer from insomnia on some nights. I trust and pray that it passes soon and in the mean time, I tell myself not to give up and to continue to believe that tomorrow will be better. Sometimes I think about retiring this blog and just when I think I’m done, someone will tell me how they’ve missed reading new posts on my blog or how something I wrote in the past really blessed them and that excites me all over again. Those moments help me not to give up or to quit. I’m certain I’ll feel inspired again with some regularity but for now, I’m going to go with the flow and make the best of this season and take care of me and pray that I will sleep more and better. So please hang in there …. I hope you won’t give up on me or this blog. And if you’re in a season where you feel like quitting or giving up on someone or yourself, don’t do it. Together, let’s believe that miracles happen every day. Let’s stay the course and remain prayerful and hopeful until we see the change we desire.

Until next time,

xx, Ruthie