Tuesday, May 31, 2011

21 Days 'til Summer

Summer at last! Well at least it feels like it is. I’m not sure what part of the world you live in but in Chicago, it felt like we hardly experienced a spring season. Anyone who lives here will tell you it was a very long, wet and cold spring. And it was a tough season to endure after a very long, gray and cold winter. We even survived a blizzard, yes a blizzard! And with the blizzard behind us, most of us couldn't wait for spring, including me! Oh how I longed for lush greenery and to see the daffodils and the tulips again. But for me, spring was a difficult season, for reasons I won’t mention but suffice it to say that I’m grateful it’s finally behind me and that I’m in a better place feeling stronger, wiser ... better.

I’m not sure how you feel about summer but I can’t deny that I love it and I’m so-o ready for it! And I have to say that I kinda like that I live in a city where we have four seasons because each season brings with it its own richness and its own blessings and it gives me something to look forward to. Now I realize that summer is officially not here yet but who could tell with this fantastic weather? Yes, the warm weather is finally upon us. Hurrah!

This past weekend marked one of the warmest and sunniest Memorial Day’s that I could remember, maybe ever. Memorial Day is usually wet, dark and cold but not this year. It was spot on [perfect] in every way imaginable.  And it felt AH-MAZING! We had perfect blue skies and the sun shined brilliantly all day. I basked in the sun for 3 glorious hours soaking in all the vitamin D a girl could take in. It was incredibly delightful! It felt heavenly and between you and me, I'm convinced that I'm addicted to the sun and will perish without it.

Today, I took a peak at the weather forecast and for the next ten days, its going to feel magnificently warm in Chicago. Yepper, yepper … definite summer weather, perfect for gatherings in the garden, pool parties, dinner on the Barbie and watching the sun set with a nice cold one. Yes indeed, I love summer and everything it represents. The weather, while admittedly hot and perhaps a bit humid most days, is lovely, truly lovely and I love that people are out-and-about more, connecting with each other, in nature and with nature, doing life as much as possible out doors. One of my favorite summer time rituals is going to Ravinia. Ravinia is one of the oldest outdoor musical festivals in the United States with a series of out door concerts held every summer between June and September. This year, I have plans to go three times. Ravinia is always a lovely time. It always feels magical and I'm really not quite sure why. Perhaps its listening to music in the beautiful outdoor setting, or being with friends and drinking wine or maybe its all of it. Yea, I think its probably all of it. Ravinia for me is a happy place. And its an opportunity to gather and connect with friends, to catch up, break bread, drink a little vino and listen to music under the stars. Aaah ... yes, I love summer and all its deliciousness. And this summer I look forward to creating new happy memories filled with delicious moments. Hope you are too! Wishing you a wildly delicious summer!

Cheers, Salud, A votre santé, Na zdrowie, Na zdrave !