Monday, February 7, 2011


At 2:35pm today I got the call, yes "the call.” The call I had been thinking about, praying for, hoping for and waiting for.  And when I got the call, it made me smile and scream: Yes! I had been hoping and praying and pleading with God for good news. Lately, most of my prayers have felt big, some were silent filled with tears and felt desperate most days for sure. My friends and family prayed too. Gosh, I love them for that and for so much more. I'm thankful for having such an amazing core group of loved ones in my corner who have been there for me.

Today I learned that the cyst that was attached to my right ovary and removed last week Thursday was benign and not cancerous. That news was like sweet music to my ears. I couldn't stop smiling when I got the news and I could seriously feel my soul smiling too. Something deep inside of me felt really, really good and incredibly thankful. In that moment, everything felt perfect and right again. I felt so relieved and so grateful for such fantastic news! It truly made my day. Fighting cancer once was tough enough and today I'm grateful for an answer to prayer, for being spared. Moments after I hung up, the most amazing thing happened. The biggest and most beautiful snowflakes began to fall from the sky and then big tears began to fall from my eyes. I felt so incredibly happy. It felt as if God was sprinkling joy in my world again and suddenly I felt like I could exhale and breathe, I mean really breathe again. What an amazing moment, what a fantastic day.

Healing is coming along quite well. I'm feeling better than expected and that feels good. I'm still quite sore and pretty tender and have learned that sneezing and coughing and getting in and out of bed are the worst! Oh how I take that for granted. So many muscles contract when we sneeze, cough and crawl in or out of bed. I get tired easily. I'm sure the pain medication has alot to do with this but I'm grateful for all the support I'm getting at home and for great pain medication and a sweet answer to prayer. Thank you God. Today, as my little corner of the world over flows with snow flakes falling from the sky, my heart over flows with gratitude.

Until next time, 

xx, Ruthie