Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy New Year!

First and foremost, Happy New Year!!! I trust you’re all getting on well. And yes, I’m still on planet earth, I have not gone away. I must confess I’ve missed blogging terribly!!! I can’t believe it’s almost February already. Can you??? And I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve sat in front of my lap top to blog. January has been an incredibly busy month so far. I can hardly believe how fast the days go by.

With all this busyness, I’m re-learning how to set boundaries again and for now, I’m reserving adequate amounts of quiet time, mostly on the weekend to recover and recharge my batteries. I spent two consecutive weeks in January working 12-15 hour days and this does not include the two hours I spend traveling to and from the office nor the almost two hours it takes me to get ready in the morning. Yes, I’m a bit of a slow poke in the morning because I so enjoy easy, quiet, non-rushing mornings before I leave the house and sometimes it’s probably because I fuss way too much over my hair. A woman who has naturally curly hair is humbled for sure in my opinion and that would be muah! A curly haired girl must be skilled for sure, armed with great tools and hair products and reserve LOTS of EXTRA time to tame curly hair. My hair is the longest it’s been in many, many years so I find that it takes extra time to get through the morning. I'm still trying to develop a rhythm with this long curly hair of mine. I’m totally convinced that if I didn’t have curly hair, THAT ALONE would save me 30 minutes in the morning, at least! But I can’t deny that I LOVE the longer hair so I really shouldn’t complain. Plus as my girlfriends who have survived the after-math of Chemotherapy would say to me: “A bad hair day is a no-hair day.” That certainly puts things into perspective doesn’t it? Thank you Father God, for hair and forgive me for how I complain about my hair when it becomes so unruly.

This past week, I worked a "normal" 45 hour work week which is FAR better than the 60 and 70 plus hours I worked earlier in the month. I decided last week that I will NOT and could not repeat that manic madness again as I am getting WAY too old to pull that off and also because I’m convinced it ages me too quickly. I was looking quite tired in those two weeks. Besides, I have other responsibilities and other activities and loved ones to attend to outside of my career that keep me plenty busy. I can tell from past experience that if I try to delude myself into believing I’m wonder woman, and push the envelope, which I’ve tried to do in the past, my body will quickly SCREAM in her lovely Puerto Rican voice and tell me differently. So there’s that.

So a lot has taken place in the past 4 weeks and I sooooooo wish that I could catch you up on every delicious detail because some of it has been oh-so-good but it would take me AGES to catch you up. So for now I will share that I have plans to take up photography in the spring and I’m also making plans to rent a beach home, yes on the beach, doesn’t that sound lovely?  … in April and escaping for a week to relax in the sun near the ocean, read, cook, listen to music, drink some vino, cook with vino and write. Aaaaaah ... I can’t wait! The thought of that little one week escape is what makes all the busyness of my crazy but gorgeous and lovely life worth it. 

So Happy New Year my lovelies! If 2011 ended on a weird note, filled with more questions than answers, may this be the year that God blesses you with your hearts desire and may He bless you with amazing clarity, super-natural wisdom and discernment so you can choose carefully and wisely. May you feel His love and presence more than ever and allow Him to gently lead you and guide you in the New Year. May 2012 be full of every single blessing.

Until next time ... God be with you, Vaya con Dios, Z Bogiem, Que Dieu Vous Garde,  

xx, Ruthie