Monday, June 13, 2011


Over the lunch hour today I was looking at some photos that a couple of my friends posted on Facebook. They posted pictures of the flowers they planted over the weekend. They were gorgeous, colorful, beautiful flowers. I have to admit, this made me feel incredibly guilty. Just this morning I was reviewing my To-Do-List as I always do first thing in the morning and questioned why for two weekends in a row now, I’ve procrastinated and haven’t made my way over to the garden center to purchase my flowers. Honestly, I believe it’s because I suffer from the "one more thing” disease. Or is it a syndrome? No, I believe its a disease. I tell myself: “I’ll just do one more thing and then I’ll go to the garden center.” I bet I say that a hundred times and before I know it, I either run out of time or energy or I get hungry or the sun comes out and I decide that I would much rather bask in the sun soaking in some vitamin D before the sun sets or before summer is over. Seriously, the summer season hasn’t officially begun yet and I’m already worried about how I’ll miss it if I don't stand in the sunshine the minute the sun shines its glorious face in my corner of the world. I know I need to get to the garden center.  I must get there. In fact, I know I will get there, just not now, not today but perhaps over the weekend???  Wish me luck and pray for rain! ; )

And speaking of flowers, I think relationships are a lot like flowers. Some relationships are like perennials. They’re permanent and you can always count on them. No matter where the wind blows, you can always count on these types of relationships. Others are like annuals. They last just for a season. And yet both bring beauty, depth and color to our lives. And what's universal I believe is that we’ve all experienced a little bit of both in life. I also believe that relationships are formed based on timing and what people need from each other and can give each other at the time. I believe that’s why two people can come together and connect so quickly and sometimes on so many different levels: conversationally, emotionally, and / or romantically.  Sometimes it lasts and sometimes it doesn’t but there is always something to be gleaned from the experience. And no matter how it ends, I try to remember the good and relish the gift that it was. I hope you will too.  I hope we all do.

Yours faithfully,