Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey Ho, Let's Go!

There will always be some kind of curve ball that surfaces in life. Nobody likes 'em and most of the time we never see them coming but such is life on planet earth my friends.

Today I found myself reflecting and writing about the current season in my life and I found myself saying and scribbling the words: "I CAN still thrive in the midst of my adversity." Gosh ... I just love that in the midst of my difficulty, hope never dies. I'm so thankful for that. That has to be a gift from God. I have no other way of explaining it.

Friend, we need to remember that we CAN in fact thrive in the midst of our adversity. Sometimes our adversity and our times spent in the valley feel like the end, but really they're opportunities for growth, new discoveries and new beginnings. 

They're opportunities to let go and let God lead. They're opportunities for us to hang on to hope and to keep dreaming for a better tomorrow. When we realize that adversity is inevitable and a part of life, we learn to stop asking: "Why me" and we learn to say: "Let's go!"

So who's with me? Let's go! Let's get on with life! Life is still beautiful and full of wonder my friend and suffering is always temporary, always temporary! Crying may last for a night, but joy always comes in the morning. And even when life feels dark, just remember that the sun will always rise again to greet you and meet you and it will shine brightly, and boldly and beautifully again. We just need to believe. So let's go! Let’s do this thing!