Friday, February 1, 2013

I think I have a problem

So I went to the grocery store during the noon hour today to buy ingredients to make chili this weekend because who doesn't eat chili on Super Bowl Sunday when it's freezing out and once again, yes you read that correctly, once again, I ran off with someone else's cart. 

Oh my gosh ... I couldn't believe I did this yet AGAIN! This is quickly becoming embarrassing and it almost always happens to me when I’m rushing which is not the speed I vowed to live in 2013. I’m quickly learning that I am a serious but oblivious repeat offender when it comes to walking away with other people's carts. 

For the love of gravy, what is happening to me??? Who am I? 

When this happens, I'm noticing that I'm hardly walking but actually sprinting from one aisle to the next. Okay, maybe it looks more like a power walk but whatever it is, it's certainly not walking. I race around the store completely focused on my list and getting to the next aisle and I just might have a crazed look on my face. I'm not kidding. I'm pretty sure it's not my most friendliest look.  

I eventually found my cart but I never found the frantic owner whose cart went MIA. Clearly the owner of that cart had to be frantic because there were A-LOT of provisions in that cart. 

How I made the discovery ....

I was in the dairy aisle looking for shredded cheese and when I went to put the cheese in what I thought was my shopping cart, I had this confused, and kind of upset look on my face and asked aloud: "Who put ground beef in my cart???" Mind you, I was alone. I’m not exactly sure who I expected to answer that question. [insert smile here] 

(As a side note, I don't make my chili with ground beef, I make it with ground turkey.) 

And that was the moment, the moment I realized it wasn't even my cart! So I screamed, yes I screamed: OH MY GOD! I DID IT AGAIN!!!

Three people quickly turned to look at me because hello??? who yells like that? This is when I confessed aloud in my most apologetic voice looking a bit embarrassed, and kinda shrugging my shoulders: "Whoopsie, I kinda stole somebody's shopping cart ... on accident.  … again."

The Lesson: ... because everything in life has something to teach us, right? The lesson is ... Ruthie needs to slow down and I need to pay attention when I'm handling shopping carts. ; )

Happy weekend everyone!

xx, Ruthie

P.S. If you're reading this from anywhere BUT Chicago, please pray for us. We are absolutely freezing here!