Monday, October 1, 2012

Omelettes, one of my fave things

One of my fave things to eat when I have time and ingredients on hand on the weekends is to cook omelettes. I love making them for myself and I love making them for others. Omelettes take time to make so when I make them for others, my audience is usually a small group of people. The number usually hovers around less than four people.  

I don't spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. I'm really not "that girl," you know, the one who super loves to cook, who dreams about new dishes to experiment with, the one who is always on the hunt for a new recipe. Yea ... that's not me. I wish that it was. Really, I do but its not and I've learned to embrace that I'm not "that girl." Truth be told, it's not one of my spiritual gifts BUT ... what I do cook, I cook with lots of love and I think I fair pretty well all things considered. 

I love omelettes and love them with tri-colored bell peppers: red, green and yellow. I love them with green onions and little grape tomatoes that I cut into fours. Yes, I take the time to cut these little guys into fours. Amazing huh? I guess I do have a little patience in me after all. [insert smile here] I also sprinkle a little garlic powder, salt and pepper to my tasting. Oh! ... and CHEESE ... I can't forget the cheese! I use whatever I have at home which is usually: shredded cheddar, or cheddar-jack. 

Below are three pics of the omelette I made yesterday. (I used my camera phone to take the photos.)  It was so delish, that I made one again today. I know, I can be so naughty sometimes. It was actually more like a very late brunch. 

Happy Monday everyone! May this cooking post inspire you to take a little time in the kitchen to cook something delicious for yourself and or for others today or this week or this weekend. I think cooking a meal for someone is one of the best ways and one of the many ways you can demonstrate love. It fosters community, conversation and connectedness. And it communicates that you care. 

I've discovered through the years that I cook a little more often during the fall and winter season. On my mind this week, is chili. I have a couple of great recipes. I know, imagine that! You see, I'm not "entirely" hopeless in the kitchen. [insert another smile here] And I think that's exactly what I will make on Saturday for the weekend. 

Omelette in the making ...

Waiting for the cheese to melt a bit before I fold.

The finished product. Thank you God for Your provision.