Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meet Josie

This evening I was remembering something my beautiful friend Josie shared with me this morning. Josie is the one in the picture holding her beautiful daughter as she sleeps. Aren’t they beautiful??? What a beautiful moment! It’s my very favorite picture of her.

Josie and I spoke this morning as we were traveling to our offices. I was in my car driving and she was on the train traveling to her downtown Chicago office. We talked about setting a date to get together, joining forces to help encourage other women and we talked about God’s goodness in our lives. I was also sharing with her how I got to spend an evening with my parents “together” on Saturday evening. I haven’t spent an evening with my parents "together" since 1998. Through tears in my eyes, I shared how grateful I was to witness my parents kissing each other after such a painful and bitter divorce 12 years ago. Saturday was the first time my parents saw each other in 12 years. I'm so grateful to God for our he healed their hearts and prepared their hearts for this reunion. We both agreed that God is so,so good!  And as we continued talking about God's goodness, Josie shared something really poignant with me. She said to me, “You know Ruthie, if God decided to never do another single good thing in my life, I would be okay with that because what Jesus did for me on Calvary is enough, more than enough.” Isn't that a beautiful and amazing statement? My response to her statement was: Wow! Those words scream contentment and deep gratitude. Just yesterday I wrote about people who are joy-filled and how these people have deep gratitude for God, life and living. Josie is def one of those joy-filled people.

I met Josie when we were in high school, 32 years ago. She was such a bright light to everyone who knew her then and she's still a bright light in the lives of many today. I remember she was different in such beautiful ways. We lost touch after we graduated but thankfully through technology, we reconnected a few years ago. I remember writing to her a few years ago and sharing with her that she was one of the first people I wanted to reach out to shortly after giving my life to Christ to share that I “finally” get how much God loves me. I finally "got" the Gospel message. The month was June, the year 1999 and I was 31. This revelation came to me 14 years after we graduated high school. In 1999, I wanted to share with her how my life and heart and my relationships were changing. Things weren't perfect, but my life was shifting in really good ways and that shift had everything to do with God's love and favor and His amazing and extraordinary grace. 

Josie is a very special person to me. She's the kind of woman you want to become best friends with ... like immediately! She’s absolutely adorable, loveable, funny and extraordinarily beautiful both inside and out. She has a way of listening, speaking, encouraging and loving on people in a way that is absolutely unique, beautiful and extraordinary. My heart always feels full when I speak with her or leave her presence. In my opinion, everyone should have a Josie in their life and if you don’t, pray for one or contact me, I’ll introduce you to this gorgeous woman of God.

I love you Josie!!! Keep shining!

With deep gratitude to God and for our friendship,

xx, Ruthie