Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sophia Grace - Show Stopping Performance!

Most people I know realise that I'm a bit partial to funny people. I love all people really, but funny people are among one my most favourite people because of their ability to make me laugh. It’s one of my absolute favourite things for sure and this video definitely makes me laugh. The video is about two darling little girls from Essex, England, Rosie age 5 and Sophia Grace who is 8 who LOVES Nicki Minaj. It's so incredibly evident in the video. It's over the top excitement. Sophia Grace is perpetually exuberant, charismatic and incredibly charming in this video and the interview is fantastic! You have to watch it to understand it. And Sophia Grace's rendition of Super Bass by Nicki Minaj is ah-mazing! How does a small child like that memorize such words and so quickly and sing so fast???  I won't comment on the inappropriateness of the lyrics but I can't deny that her performance is full of energy. If I had a third of the energy she has, I would officially change my name to "wonder woman" and I would probably become a runner. [insert smile here] I saw this video for the first time a couple of weeks ago with a friend and today while at the Pandora store in Vernon Hills, I heard the "Super Bass" song on the over-head speakers and it made me smile from ear to ear as I thought about these darling divas on the Ellen show, especially the joyously unrestrained Miss Sophia Grace! Sophia Grace is without a doubt extraordinary. I have never seen a child like this before and on that note, I must say that I love her spirit and her amazing confidence. Natural confidence is attractive, isn't it? And I love, love, love her English accent! It's just lovely! I'm not sure how you feel about this but I think an English accent sounds incredibly lovely. Even when they're not speaking lovely things, it still sounds lovely. There's just something about it. So ... I think you're going to love this video ... it's great entertainment. Happy Sunday! Hope this video makes your heart smile and I hope your weekend was a fantastic one! As always, many thanks for reading.   Until next time ... Ruthie xx

P.S. My favourite statement from Sophia Grace that melted my heart: "Rosie makes me feel more confident because I have someone with me." Aww ... Isn't that precious??? Everyone should have a Rosie in there life!

In the video below, Ellen surprises the girls after their performance to Super Bass. You're going to love this! Sophia Grace is uncontainable! LOL! And watch closely at how Rosie pokes Sophia Grace several times to try and tame her. It's hysterical! Rosie is so-o cute!!! ... such a little doll and only 5 years old. Precious.