Sunday, November 6, 2011

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

It’s been two years since Coldplay released an album and I was super excited about their most recent album release a couple of weeks ago. The album is called: Mylo Xyloto. I don't even know what Mylo Xyloto means. Do you??? I googled it this morning and everything I found directs me right back to Coldplay. I suspect they choose a name that is unique for a reason. How brilliant of them. I believe this is Coldplay's 4th, maybe their 5th album. Unfortunately, I can’t remember anything too clearly these days. I blame it all on "the change" which has humbled  me in more ways than I count. The change that women go through in life impacts the memory but from what I've read and what I could remember (ha!), it passes, so hurrah!  Anyhow, I've digressed here, haven't I? What I do know for sure is that I finally got around to downloading the album this morning, thanks to iTunes and I have to say I’m really, really loving it. It's fantastic backround music for entertaining, conversation, even a little Sunday morning cleaning. I haven’t had an opportunity to “really” listen to each song on the album and haven’t sat long enough to really “hear” what each song represents but one particular song stood out to me and it’s this one: Every teardrop is a waterfall. I think it’s deep and fun and it makes me want to dance. In fact, I was dusting in my home when the song came on and I did just that. I danced. :o) Have a listen and happy Sunday! As always, many thanks for reading.

So what’s catching your ears these days?