Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tammy's story

The two videos below will allow you to hear and watch a very moving and powerful and amazing story. It's a story that will undoubtedly tug on your heart strings. It's the story of Tammy Trent, in her own words. Tammy lost her husband ten years ago on September 10th 2001, the day before the Sept. 11th tradegy in New York. During the summer of 2004, my friends Katie and Diane and me took a road trip to St. Louis Missouri for a woman's conference. And it was at that conference that I was able to hear Tammy share her story, this story, her testimony. Oh how I cried hearing her story because it broke me but her strength and her outlook on life and how she loves God amazes me and inspires me. She has a special and annointed way of encouraging others through her story and her faith in God is real, palpable and contagious. Tammy's story, her strength and how God has carried her and works through her today inspires me and blesses me in a really special way. What a gift ... Hope this blesses you too.

Blessings ...

Until next time,