Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clearly I'm in love!

Yesterday I took my 13 yr old cat Simone back to see the vet (Dr. Margaret) for follow up blood work to check to see how she's doing since being diagnosed with Hyper-thyroid disease 3 weeks ago. Dr. Margaret wanted to see if she was showing signs of improvement and ran more blood work to see how she's responding to her meds. We'll have the results tomorrow. I’m happy to report that she's a little more active and not nearly as lethargic as she was a month ago so that’s a very good sign that the meds are helping. As of three weeks ago, Simone started taking medication daily for her hyper-thyroid disease.  Yes, even cat’s get thyroid disease. Can you believe it??? Unfortunately, she's managed to lose a little weight since seeing Dr. Margaret three weeks ago. Ugh … this broke my heart because she’s already so teeny tiny. I didn’t like hearing that. Dr. Margaret suspects that her medication needs to be tweaked (higher dosage or twice daily) but until she gets the blood work back, she won't be able to make a new recommendation.  Dr. Margaret is super confident that we'll find the right dosage for Simone and assured me that Simone will improve greatly over time. We have Simone on a high calorie diet right now so we're hopeful that in time and with tweaking her meds, her weight will increase. Dr. Margaret shared with me three weeks ago that it can take up to a year before Simone can reach the 8-9 pounds she should be weighing and to be patient. Patient? Did you heart that??? I think she might have over looked that she was telling this to a Puerto Rican. I have never met a patient Puerto Rican. Have you???   Of course I'm kidding. And of course I’m patient. Okay … well maybe sometimes. :o) Thankfully, Simone eats well; it’s just the hyper-thyroid disease that causes her to lose weight. : ( My poor baby ...  Please pray that she begins to feel tons better really soon and that her weight increases sooner than later. Thank you in advance!

Soooooo ...... the reason I’ve called this post: “Clearly I’m in love” is because yesterday, I met Teddy. Teddy was at the vet’s office too. It was love at first site and I fell in love immediately. I couldn't resist striking up a conversation with the owner, a lovely polish woman who arrived with Teddy and her two really cute daughter’s ages 6 and 11. I bonded with Teddy immediately and after several minutes I asked ... okay maybe begged if I could please take a picture of Teddy. They smiled and looked proud, honored and happy that I asked but not as happy as me. Oh my gosh ... he was so-o cute; I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home with me!

I have a confession to make. I’ve never really been a dog person. Up until yesterday, I could never imagine being a dog owner which requires you to care for a dog and to love a dog, but given yesterday's experience, this has totally changed!!!  Can this even be possible? What’s happening to my heart and who am I??? :o) Teddy is a beautiful tan Shihtzu-Bichon. Clearly one of the cutest dogs on planet earth. He's as cute as a button and still on my mind. Could this be love??? Yes, I think so. Clearly, I'm in love.

Signed a girl who can make a trip to the vet’s office an experience …



Simone 9-25-09 (Simone is a Russian Blue)